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Mario & Luigi are in deep!

Search the Mushroom Kingdom for a cure as Bowser, explore his innards as the Mario Bros., and discover the untold story of Bowser Jr.’s Journey. It’s a classic action-RPG stuffed with new content!

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Uncover the story

The Mushroom Kingdom is in danger

A dreadful disease dubbed “the Blorbs” has begun to spread throughout the kingdom, causing citizens to balloon up and roll around helplessly.

New mode

Junior’s in charge!

In an all-new mode, Bowser Jr. crosses paths with our unlikely allies as he recruits troopers to fight for his cause.

A gut-busting adventure

Solve puzzles and challenges inside Bowser to help the big guy overcome obstacles in the overworld.

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Bowser’s Inside Story: Action-packed battles

Attack enemies, inflict damage, and time your button presses to power up your performance.

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Bowser Jr.’s Journey: Frenetic squad combat

Recruit allies to grow your army, then form teams to emerge victorious in squad-based battles.

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Tap compatible amiibo™ figures to get helpful in-game items or coins.

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